Please sign the International Peace Every Day Treaty For Global Truce and Cease Fire Today. Please say and pray these words: "May Peace Prevail on Earth"

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Today, I did not read the news, or any of the sites devoted solely to Africa, because I am currently working on a research paper on the effectiveness of UN peacekeeping missions in Central Africa (focusing on the UN and the Kivus in the DRC). Now, not only does my brain need a break from all of the chaos, violence, and straight up manipulation and harassment of innocent people that it has absorbed in the last week, but while carrying a stack of library books (around 10) out of the library to bring home and conduct MORE research, and while trying to answer a phone call from my husband, I dropped my phone (the only nice thing that I own) and it broke apart. Then I dropped all 10 library books on top of it. Now it is broken, and I feel like a piece of my body is missing.

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Repeat After Me: Global Truce Starts Now! Global Cease Fire Starts Now! Spread These Words Around The World! Global Truce Starts Now! Global Cease Fire Starts Now! May Peace Prevail On Earth and Let IT Begin With Us!

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